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3.2 in the right direction!

Tuesday morning I start early her in the clinic.  Since no one is here yet I take advantage and get on the scale. 

I try to wear the lightest weight clothing that is still acceptable for the office and I always use the same scale.

October 19, 2010  282.5 this is 117 lbs over what I weighted when in high school!

November 16, 2010  279.3 , 3.2 lbs in the right direction!

My goal is to be 272.5 by December 14, 2010.  I have no idea what I did to lose this weight.   I have just been watching what I have been eating and doing my best to increase my walking.  But I have no true plan for eating.  I use to do Weight watcher and usually the first month have much success then i gain the weight back.  I was calorie counting but I did not keep track of everything I ate so that became a chore that I did not want to deal with.

So I have just been reading articles on healty eating and lifestyle and trying to incorporate them in what I do daily.  If I like it , it becomes part of my routine and if not I find something else.

I have increase my intake of vegetables, raw, frozen, canned.  Especially at night!  I get off work at 6:00 in the evening and usually don’t get home until 7:00 and by the time I am finished cooking its 8:00 then I try to sleep by 10 or 11:00.  Since the time change it is much darker at 7:00 than before so I cannot get a walk in before dinner.    So I have to come up with something different for the remainder of this month and going into the next month.

I will take any and all suggestions!


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Beautiful bride.

I often drive myself crazy with self-doubt despite know I am capable to doing just about anything I put my mind to.

November 5 was the wedding day as K.S. she asked me to make sleeves for her wedding dress.  Why is it that all the  wedding dresses are sleeveless?

She is a very beautiful young lady and she and her future husband had been together for some time.  She was very excited about getting married and soon discovered the challenges of merging two families together.

I searched for the material needed to make the sleeves and decided on an ivory dull organza which matched the dress perfectly.  She loved it and she really liked the little jacket that I made.   My goal was to make the sleeves without seams so she could maintain the look of the dress and have the comfort that she wanted.

I worked on this little item for days!  Couple of days merged into the next day.  I was able to work up a pattern and them sew it together and when she tried it on she loved it except for the bunching of the fabric under the arms. 

If you understand fabric you will know that there is NO stretch to organza and KS wanted this to fit tight.  I explained that this would just tear the fabric since it is sheer and has not stretch to it.  She would not be able to move.

Well several days later and many changes to the jacket I just made something else but it would not solve the problem but at least she will have 2 to choose from.

On the wedding day , which was a friday morning, she arrived at the church sleeveless!  I thought  what happened.  Later as the day progressed i spoke with the wedding planner and one of her assistance who explained that she woke up the morning and decided that she did not need sleeves and a couple of her girls from out-of-town took the items and hid them to make sure she would not wear them.

She was a beautiful happy bride and I was saying to myself  I will never do that  again.

However after 4 days od having nothing to do I call a woman who asked me to make a skirt for her.  We have an appointment next week.

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Why do today what you can put off for tomorrow?  Because Tomorrow never comes!

 I cannot tell you how many





Burp cloths


Scrapbooking projects

 I intended to finish and there are quite a few that never got beyond the planning stages.

First I make a list of everything I want to do.

Then I go shopping for the items that I need to complete the projects and often I buy more than I need or add to the list.  Usually shopping trip involve dinner some where so I get home late so I cannot start of finish anything this day.

Then I surf the net to see how others are making the same things that I have on my list to make.  I know how to make these things but it fun to see how other make them.  Maybe there is a tip I can use.  This usually last all day so I cannot finish anything is day either.

I could continue but I will leave that for another day.  Really I will tell you about it later.

Today I want to tell you why I should never put anything off for tomorrow again. 

My dear sweet hubby, recently he sold his car for junk and received about 200.00 for it.   How did it get to that point? 

The compressor was no longer working so he did not have heat in the winter nor air-conditioning in the summer.  I am sure I am over simplifying the problem but that is how it was explained to me when he parked it in his father’s driveway. 

He was going to fix it himself and started the process but then realized it was more work than he wanted to do but he planned on having  someone else take care of it.

 So after two years went by he bought some struts for it because he remember that they needed to be replaced and now the car began to look like a planter and then soon it looked like a habitat for the local wildlife. 

After two more years went by he decided to see if it would start and found that the battery was dead so he planned on getting a battery for it.

Two week ago he finally sold it for junk and received 200.00 for it. 4 years and 2 weeks to junk the car had he sold it 4 years earlier he would have received more than 200.00 for it.

 He attempted to return the Struts in the original box but they did not take them back because it was beyond the company return policy time limit.

 So  I will finish each one of my projects one by one and actually open that esty store that I have been dreaming about and see if I can earn 200.00 next year.

 Because in 4 years the value of Unfinished projects will not be 2.00!

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New Diggs

What is the number one thing that is most annoying about moving from one place to another?  Well for me it is that you cannot find anything.  No matter how much time you take to pack up stuff and carefully LABEL the box.  Why cannot you no find the stuff you know should be in that box!

Another pet peeve why is there one neighbor that comes to you and tell you everything that had ever gone wrong with the place you are now living in!  What happen to hello my name is happy householder and if you need anything let me know.

Last but not the least by any means Why does my husband think that just because I packed all the boxes, I know exactly where that piece of paper he wrote an important phone numberon and left on the dinning room table two day before we move  is now located?  He actually had the nerve to get upset when i looked at him like he grew a new head!

I will have pictures as soon as I find the box that says sewing room which actually has my camera in it !  Greif!

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My quiet time and place (belated funday blog)

I must apologize for being 2 days late with my Funday blog.

Right now my Quiettime and place does not exist.  We are in the process of moving and everything is out of place.

my quiet place is my sewing studio.  Hubby barely comes in there and he can tell by my facial expression if he is allow to enter.   Please do not let the name of the room confuse you.  When I need to not hear or see anyone I go into this room.  Sometimes to work on a project but mostly to sit and think. 

In the quiet space of just thinking have taken the time to delve deep into self pity,  immerse my self with blessings that I have received.  I think of the children and grandchildren I will never have and remember all the thing my nieces and I have done together and will do as they grow. 

In this quiet space I pray for friend and family going through major problems and pray for the understanding needed to help them.

Sometime I just veg out and other time I am working like a fiend!  

Mostly I am just happy that I have this space to call my own to share or be selfish with.  

I recently visited a friend in KY and her quiet place is a closet.  She was able to put a computer desk in this space  it has a plant on the next to her laptop and her chair is covered with a beautiful print panel of fabric and it looks quiet cozy and nice.

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Water !

I am remember being a child and saying to my mother ” I ‘m hungry”  Her response was one of 2;  1 dinner is almost ready or 2 drink some water.

As a child I would drink the water and still be hungry.  So drinking water was not a good solution in my mind, however I have changed my mind recently.

The weight management plan and I a following has explained that sometime we misinterpret  thirst for hunger.  Therefore drink some water. 

  This is not of amazing new concept or some new idea that I just found out about.  Repetition the mother of retention.  I am just trying to keep this information so that it becomes second nature to me.

What I will do is follow the direction of my parents.  As a child I was given a tall glass of water to drink before dinner, before a  snack and in place of a snack and sometimes in place of a meal (usually this water was hot).  I had to stand there in front of my father/mother and  drink all the water and hand  the empty glass to them.

So tomorrow I will return to drinking water as for today I will finish my Mountain Dew and finish the night with my sweet tea in the refrigerator.

Pray for me!

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The hip tap.

My hips are very wide and even after I lose weight I truly believe my hips are still going to be very wide.

My problem is the everyone thinks that they are available for tapping. 

Here is an example.  I work in a clinic and there are counter everywhere and the space between them is what you walk through to go to the other side where the printer and mail is located.  Often that area gets congested.  A friend, yes she is a kind person but when we happened to be in the walk through at the same time she tapped my hip twice and she walked by. 

We could make it throught the space with no contact and I have complete this action lots of time. 

Please understand all my life i have had these extension at my side and people are drawn to them.  If I am standing and my sister needs to get by she does not say ” hey move”, or ” Excuse me” she taps my hip and then pushes me out of the way.    I have 3 sisters and they all do the same thing.  Needless to say this is one of the main reason I have “no touchy” policy.

Usually when I get dress I am always wearing shirts that cover the hips or jackets or sweaters that cover the hips.  Today is no exception but I took my jacket off and within 5 minutes!  I got the hip tap!

I do not tap little people on the head and since I stand 5 feet 9 inches tall in my barefeet  with heels on I am usually the tallest woman in the area.  How would they like it if I tapped them on the head everytime I passed them. Or even just occasionally a little tap on the head. 

 I do not see a preganet woman and think that touching her belly is a requirement  in order to walk by her.  But I see lots of people who think that way!  Also see and angry pregnanet woman who is  about to snap out on people as well.

It is diffcult enough getting the right type of clothes that just fit my hips properly now I have to make them invisible !

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FUN-MONDAY my body

I have decided to join in the fun.  Sayre Smiles is asking What is the favorite part of your body?

My hands because of all the things that I am able to accomplish with them.  Drawing, sewing,crocheting, painting, Embroidery and of course cooking.  They look their best when my nails are painted a muted tan color and my nails grow beautifully with out acrylic overlay so I am very happy with my hands! Also they are the only part of my body that has not gained weight!

My legs used to be my favorite body part but with the yo-yo weight thing my legs have marks they did not have before.  I am going to start wearing Tights all the time.

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286.9 reversal of fortune.

286.9  this is what flashed on the screen after stepping on the scale here at work.   The clothes I have on probably weigh about 3 maybe 4 lbs so that means that my weight minus these items should be 282.9!

Just what I was aiming for more weight!  

I had to stop doing the Taebo Boot Camp that just caused more pain to my knee and I had to stop taking the medicine because it just cause a major flare up my acid reflux.  I may have a bleeding ulcer because of it.  It never really completely stopped the pain in the knee anyway.

I really have to watch what I eat and I must stop eating at least 4 to 5 hours before going to bed otherwise I will have pain in my stomach and my knee all night.

This is truly a reversal of fortune for me.  All I really wanted to do is improve my health and therefore have a better outlook on my lifespan.  Now I think dying early might be better.  At least I will not be in pain.

Breakfast  Oatmeal with a tablespoon of brown sugar and some raisins and a 20 oz cup to Island Mango and Peach flavored White tea, with 3 tablespoons of sugar.

I have no idea what lunch will be.  Probably 2 hardboiled eggs and water.

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forward progress

Weigh in day Sunday, 8/7 weight 281.3

I do not know when was the last time I was here on this blog.  No one reads it so it just a means for me to express me angst with weight loss.

I have not gain any weight since my last post.  I have not lost any weight since my last post.  I am still determined.  My knee is getting much better, i guess following the Dr advice is working out so far.

I completed day 1 of the Billy Bank Boot Camp.  I am not as fast as they are but that will come with time.  Today I will just do my walking for 60 minutes and an abs workout.  I have to do something everyday. 

My goal for this month is to stick with my boot camp and do some type of workout every day.  Some kind of circuit workout the work all the different muscles group each week. 

I really am hoping that by returning to writing this blog I can achieve the lost.  I really need to see that number below 280, because I will feel some greater sense of accomplishment.   

The forward progress will be a great  encouragement for me.  Right now I feel the dark gloom of depression hovering like a rain cloud just waiting to rain feeling of defeat down on me.  Right now I am standing defiant in the face of defeat. ”   you will not beat me down! Rain if you must, blow your torrential winds in an effort to know me down.  I will stand firm I will make forward progress”

Keep moving

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